Thursday, December 15, 2011

I Wish...

Listed today: a hand-sewn blue teddy

I wish there were more craft fairs in late December, so I'd be busy preparing for one now instead of stressing out about everything.

I wish stress didn't give me chin pimples.

I wish I didn't scratch said pimples, because they disappear within hours if I don't. (I guess they're not really pimples.)

I wish the current ones disappear by tomorrow, because the party starts at 5.

I wish there were an easy way to transport ALL my fabrics and supplies, so I could sew plushies at the party.

Coming soon: koala & monster bunny

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Craft Fair Success!

My sugar-tastic breakfast

I don't know what it was, but the week between the two craft fairs went by in a breeze, and I had made a bunch of new items with ease. Considering how bad my first fair was, and how the Buckingham Elementary one had a table fee ($25 + a raffle item) higher than my sales at the first, I had plenty of reason to keep stressing out!

New items included a small coffin cushion (which I started making on a whim at the first fair :P), a mini crocodile, and a tiny mermaid doll:

Yesterday morning, I woke up feeling great, and was welcomed at the school entrance by little volunteer elves, and pleasant rows of white poinsettias! (No pictures, unfortunately, because of the rush.) Buckingham looks pretty much as I remembered it... never mind that I've gone back the last few years to play in the new playground lol. :P

View from my table: Corner 1

The gymnasium was warm and cheerful, filled with festive music at the perfect volume compared to the awkward dead silence at the previous show, with commercial vendors relegated to the cluttered stage yay! XD

The lady to my right was selling handmade soaps, I think. She did very well, and even Raccoon said her items looked nice. They definitely smelt good, because some of the customers at my table thought my cupcake rings were scented!

Corner 2

Of course there were still dubious items (eg. ordinary watches), but this was REALLY a craft fair. Plus, everyone was incredibly friendly, and there were vendors & shoppers of all ages!

Once I set up my table, made Raccoon go home so he wouldn't intimidate the customers, and finished off a complimentary doughnut and hot chocolate, I made 3 consecutive sales to some adorable little girls! (I gave them all super discounts, of course. <3)

Corner 3

I sold a bunch of jewelry, the coffin, and a plush bunny! The last buyer might've been a vendor or school staff, because she was in such a hurry, but I only left my table once and couldn't be sure.

Most of the vendors checked out other tables several times, like at the other craft fair, but I'm not sure how I could pull it off myself... I don't want to have a bunch of people sitting with me, especially since one of my selling points is that I made every item without help, but I don't like the look of an unattended table either...
I only managed to run off for a bit when the guys dropped by.

Corner 4

Anyway, I think the tables were really well set up. Tidy, with lots of walking space, but "full-looking". There was a (school) bake sale and some children's activities outside the gym. Those, along with half-hourly raffles, ensured that visitors stuck around. There were also pictures with Santa, who came by and visited all the vendors first!

Santa gave me a candy cane, complimented the items, and let me take a picture of him (and asked to include his elves)!! I've never been so happy, ahahaha...

Last but not least, one of the girls I noticed passing by repeatedly stopped to buy some things. We started talking, and I only then found out she was just 2 tables down! (My lack of awareness of surroundings is astounding.)
She was selling Swarovski crystal jewelry with her mother, but made all the items herself. After purchasing several clay things from me, which was very nice, she even offered to trade for the coffin! My first trade!! <333

I've missed daylight, so photos will have to come later, but now I own two of her items, too! It was a very cool experience; I felt very honoured. Anyway it was so lovely to chat with her I would've said yes to any trade, but they are very pretty earrings for sure! ;)

Someone was handing out free MUSTACHE POPS so she picked one up for me lol!

She doesn't have an Etsy shop, and I had totally forgotten to ask for a business card... but I hope she'll be on Etsy one day! Likely we'll run into each other again at a craft fair next year!

All in all, the craft fair was fantastic, and the baked goods were delicious, hahaha. I had a great time and will definitely return next year if they let me! :P


Just as a quick self-review, I noticed more people came when I sat and sewed instead of standing. It really makes sense to stand only if your displays are tall, or if you're really small...

I forgot to take a picture of my table AND myself, but we were both prettier this time! :PPP
I used 2 tablecloths this time to avoid ugly folds, and made a better "banner"... if only because SOMEONE folded my first banner into the tablecloth after the last fair, and another SOMEONE returned them both to the rental place...

I also forgot to take pictures of every new thing I made, so there are only in-progress shots of the ones that sold. Oh well. Here's a sneak peek of what's coming to my shop!