Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dollmaking Kits

I love dollmaking kits, and craft kits in general. Especially the ones meant for kids.

Kits are generally simple and fun to work with, and won't leave you with piles of extra material to keep reusing in other projects. The results make great mini gifts... for people who wouldn't appreciate something you made from scratch. :P

Raccoon recently got me the ballerina dollmaking kit above. When I opened it, I knew I wasn't going to follow the instructions because her leotard was all wrong(!!), and I'd rather hand-sew than use the glue, double-sided tape, and Velcro included. But somehow one change followed another, and everything SNOWBALLED until my half-finished doll was completely different from the one on the box.

I think the colours I chose are much nicer (orange hair???) and the fabric-pen eyes will certainly last longer than coloured pencils, but I had never regretted a project more than when I was sewing the tiny hem on this doll's tiny satin bodice. HOLY.

Do you ever find yourself unable to STOP making changes to a doll or any other project, whether it came out of a kit or your mind??

Anyway, this reminds me our ballet class will be having a party tomorrow before parting for spring break. I should go to bed and just work on this doll during the (ballet) movie. How much more inspiring could it get?