Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ride and Ramen

Getting tanned at Stanley Park

It's been a lovely Canada Day weekend -- unusually warm for Vancouver, but with cool breezes, too. I went biking at Stanley Park with the guys, where B learned to ride and went at his own pace until leg cramps overtook him. R decided to take pictures of iconic Vancouver scenery rather than learn himself. The rest of us pedalled furiously around the park for an hour or two.

We all got ice cream before heading to Motomachi Shokudo for ramen. I guess people are starting to discover that the restaurant is run by the same owners as the famous Kintaro Ramen, because Motomachi was almost as crowded this time. Almost.

I prefer Motomachi for its bamboo charcoal ramen (for the taste, not the supposed health benefits, because I'm pretty sure all burnt food -- even bamboo -- are carcinogenic) and the cleaner interior. Kintaro does offer more choice, though, when it comes to the charsiu pork (from lean to fatty) and soup base (light to heavy).

Bamboo charcoal ramen (with "hot spring egg"!) at Motomachi Shokudo

After dinner, we each went home for a shower and then regrouped for "Dinner for Shmucks". It was surprisingly funny. We were all pleasantly surprised because it just looked so dumb. I want to describe it as "refreshing", but I might just be thinking of the whole watermelon we picked up and turned into delicious slushies.

Of course, what with these outings and several family members' birthdays, I haven't been working on crafts at all. All I have to show for the week is an ice cream bow brooch, and I don't feel like taking pictures for Etsy...

Someone should invent a mini portable photo booth for home (or office) use.

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