Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Comic

I've been enjoying the holidays with friends, so there haven't been much craft-related news for a blog post (just Facebook & Twitter updates).

Then this "conversation" took place over Twitter:

Pandy (a web comic artist) tweets:
"beginning my new year detox by flushing out my tear ducts and sinuses with a week or so of non-stop pathetic weeping and streaming snot"

I reply:
"How about following up with some joint exercises? Say, by drawing another strip?"

Pandy says:
"how about you draw a strip for me? make it really funny please! please include a dog called 'wooftown' who wears sandals"


So, taking that as a dare/challenge, I drew this comic:

(Click to see full size)

I think it came out pretty well, considering how I just used a mouse (without even a mousepad) and good ol' MS Paint. :P

I haven't doodled in about 7 years, but I used to love drawing enikki (絵日記 -- literally "picture diary") about my cat and daily events... Both drawing & reading them brings back fun memories!

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