Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Neglected Shop...

...sells better?

I've been too busy since New Year's to enter Etsy team challenges, create treasuries or favourite people back, or add more than 1 new item to my shop. But I've actually sold 3 out of my inventory of 40-something items, yay!

I guess amigurumi are still really popular. I've never had an item sell this fast! :P

My niece has also never liked anything I've made as much as she liked this (blue) sock monkey!

I guess these were relatively popular BECAUSE I didn't have time to finish them off the way I would've liked -- ie. with a LOT more details and accessories. Less is more, I guess... just like how our houseplants always die from overwatering, lol. (Not that they fare much better with neglect!)

In the past month, I've also sold a hair accessory, and made another -- a simple one -- as a gift to the buyer. Now I just need to finish a long-belated Christmas gift, and I'll have time to concentrate on the shop again!

Goal: 50 items (again) ^ ^


  1. I have never seen monkeys made in these colors, only in the regular sock monkey design. They are adorable. Thank you for following me. Hugs...Lu

    1. I just wanted to see how the odd colours and texture of those socks would turn out. They look fatter than regular sock monkeys, too, apparently. ;D
      Thank you for following me as well! <3