Monday, April 2, 2012

New Doll and Tea Time Photos

This is going to be a "photo dump" sort of post. ;)

New doll for March

Disclaimer: I made this doll for the Dollmakers Team challenge -- "green and a pattern" -- which ran through the whole month, so it's not a belated St. Patrick's Day doll. :P

As you can probably tell from the photo, Vancouver is finally seeing sunshine again! It actually snowed again last week, but NEVER MIND THAT. Soon I'll actually be able to post new items with slightly less terrible photos!

Well, these two photos are still terrible. :P I took them at dusk.

Anyway, I finally finished the embroidery I was working on, and turned the material into a lavender sachet. It's sitting on my table right now, smelling heavenly.

Made this new head-bow out of beautiful Cath Kidston fabric, to go with my new green lolita JSK. The band is more teal than green, so I'll need to mount it on a different headband or maybe a ribbon.

ETC bolero, In the Starlight OP

Here I am, having tea downtown on St. Patrick's Day. The tea cosies were felted from "upcycled" vintage sweaters... How Etsy is that?!

Scone shot!

Indie Japanese brand JSK, Jane Marple socks, DC blouse

Here I am, a week later, at a brand new tea house by the sea. The tea house itself is a heritage building, and the interior is black and pink and French/princess-themed!

Here's a partial shot of the food. Who doesn't like to look at pretty food? ;D

Yume coat, AP tote, Infanta dress, H&M tights

Here I am, just yesterday, at another relatively new tea place by a different beach. ;)

It was a grey, rainy day, so the area was entirely deserted. I love the rain and my significant other hates parking in tight spaces, so it worked out perfectly for both of us HAHA.

As you can probably tell, this place is more "Asian" than "English afternoon tea". The food was nothing spectacular (Raccoon says it tasted like it came from Costco) but the tea service and tea were solid.

Then, while buying tea at a sweet little shop nearby, I found this adorable miniature tea set!!! It's not the fanciest thing ever, but the bordeaux flowers & gold trim are neatly done. And because it was missing the second cup, I got it for less than $10!!

Raccoon said the pieces would be too large for my doll and too small for our stuffed animals, but I didn't believe him. I guess the picture above proves he was right...


Looking back, it has been a wonderful month! I've definitely been spending WAY too much on pretty clothes and vintage books and delicious tea, but I've also passed the probation period at that new job and gotten a raise, so it more or less balances out. (Sorry for mentioning finances here.)

Soon I'll be heading to Victoria for Easter weekend, seeing the Svengali ballet, and making a royalty-themed doll for the next Dollmakers team challenge. Can't wait for those April showers!


  1. Hello Monica, Thank you for visiting my blog. I love your little doll. I like little dolls and have made a few. Have not been in a doll challenge but have used pattern from Dollmakers. I also like the little tea set, I have little tea sets too. Will be listing one on ebay. The food looks delicious and you look so cute. Hugs...Lu

    1. Thank you, Lu! Your dolls are very sweet -- I actually first came upon your blog through your doll posts. :) You should enter the April challenge if you have time! The theme is "royalty" and you have so many Marie Antoinette-themed things already.

      This is probably the wrong place to ask, but do you ship to Canada? I have my eye on that rose dusting powder in your shop. ;)