Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Buckingham Elementary Craft Fair

As it turns out, there was still space at the aforementioned Buckingham Elementary School Dec. 3 craft fair -- which I'd been planning to attend next year -- so I've more or less secured a table! (Once Raccoon brings payment there for me tomorrow morning. :P)

Between working hard on more items for the BIG DAY, I've also made this skirt for my Pullip doll, haha:

The bit of "lettuce" in the cup on top of the jewelry case is her original dress.

It doesn't go with her IW blouse and socks at all, but it poofs very nicely and should look fine after I make a matching top. The pink skirt already softens her look significantly... especially for people who find dolls creepy. ;)

On an unrelated note, isn't this Cath Kidston sewing case the most adorable thing ever?!

I wish I'd gone to London immediately after quitting my last job. I would've blown all of my savings in the Cath Kidston shop right then. "One of each, please!"

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