Saturday, November 26, 2011

Craft Fair Follow-Up

Here I am (as a visitor, not vendor) at Hycroft, a successful craft fair ;D

Now that it's been a few days, I think I can muster up a positive post about the BCGEU "Christmas" fair! :P

1) For starters, the room was bright, warm, and clean. The tables were neatly arranged even if the rectangle-within-a-rectangle placement meant that the very centre of the room was completely taken up by vendors (and everyone could see into it at every angle, so you couldn't just hide all your boxes and junk under the table).

2) Most people were super friendly since they knew all the vendors and customers from work (lol) and/or previous years' fairs. Only three vendors were stoney-faced if you didn't count my grimacing. :P

3) Proceeds from the 50/50 went to charity, and at least two of the booths -- as mentioned in the previous post -- were charity-related.

4) Finally, the table fee was only an item for the prize draw. This was even waived if you only had half a table.

Now for the self-review!

In retrospect, I should have made more items (I blame my birthday :D), stayed standing the whole time (it was awkward, though, with the vendors on either side spinning lazily in their chairs), and greeted passersby more aggressively (even if it makes me feel like a hard-sell!).

I noticed that many of the shoppers were older gentlemen and ladies who wanted to chit-chat, and I was too embarrassed for banter... Maybe next year? :P

The little hanging decoration in front of my table was made at the last minute, and it showed!

On the plus side, all my items had clearly marked prices. I was nicely dressed in lolita, even if my friend told me to dress more normally sometimes and "not like a princess". :D I hid my junk under the tablecloth very well, but got caught munching on some banana bread when customers showed up a few times. I always smiled, at least, and did a bit of sewing when I was bored -- rather than left the booth unattended like some!

I'm a princess! Haha

All in all, I probably won't return next year unless it'd help my friend in any way... The craft fair at Buckingham Elementary, my old school, looks a lot more attractive.

Until then, I'll be making more items, hopefully writing, and probably looking for a 9-to-5 day job again! Wish me... motivation! :D

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