Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Back to Etsy!

First things first, I've made a treasury on Etsy for the first time in months. It is ballet-themed, but not too childish... Enjoy!

Last Saturday, our ballet school held a "bling party" for the adults. Basically everyone brought a bit of craft supplies or just broken jewelry and beads, and we set them all out in paper plates on a huge table right in the studio. Then we fired up the glue guns! (I brought a boxful of thread and needles, of course.)

I'm sad to say that this is the first time I've ever sat and made pretty things with other women. :/  The craft groups or events around here are always 1) hipster knitters, 2) seniors at a senior centre, or 3) intended for small children.

It really was a lot of fun! If only Vancouver were more like... say, London, I could do this a lot more often.

Here is a terrible photo of the hair combs I made:

I felt like making roses that day, so they are both formed around hand-stitched satin roses. I made the blue rose out of a scrap of reptile satin left over from my Hallowe'en mermaid costume, and the mauve rose out of a bit of ribbon.

After the serious sewing part was done, I added feathers, tulle, beads, pearls, and lace with hot glue! Can you believe I haven't touched a glue gun since grade 1? Oh technology. :P

Here's one of them in my ballet bun -- but they'd work with various hairstyles (J. tested a feather haircomb our teacher made, and it held fast and looked great in her loose hair):

We stayed for about two hours, and then I had to rush off to a barbecue, so I finished this green one at home:

They are all available for sale! Full proceeds go towards the Barbara Ann Hutton School of Ballet. ;)

I also made this plush strawberry house as a "thank you" gift for the couple (and their toddler) who invited us over for said barbecue:

(Around the base is a strip of white lace that reminded me of a white picket fence!)

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