Thursday, July 5, 2012

July Update: Ballet Recital Over!

I didn't add anything new to my Etsy shop in June, either, but of course I had a good reason:

Our annual ballet recital (my first, actually) on June 23 went off without a hitch! (I'm at the very front in the photo above.)

The adult class "prepared" by seeing the Mikhailovsky Ballet's production of Swan Lake together the week before, on June 16. It was beautiful... I think Swan Lake is now my favourite ballet. ;)

The dress rehearsal was terrible, actually, with everyone forgetting their steps and places, and my being too fast as usual while the girls who, frankly, didn't rehearse enough, being too slow... but somehow, after a week of panicking and last-minute "Ohmygod which leg am I supposed to lift here?"s, everything came together!

Here we are performing our first group piece of the program: Fall.

Up next (for me, anyway, since I had no solos this year) was a demo of the barre exercises we did in class...

And then everyone's favourite: Giselle!

(I'm the foremost person on the right, in the above photo ;D)

And here I am at the end of the day, looking sweaty and pink and entirely flat-chested (hahah), with three classmates to my right. <3

I'm also glad to see that ballet is rising in popularity again, as shows like "Breaking Pointe" (now an integral part of my Thursday schedule) and "Bunheads", plus films like Black Swan and First Position (premiering in Canada in July or August!) are popping up everywhere... even though I'm still having trouble convincing friends and coworkers to take up beginner ballet.

But with only a few classes left in ballet summer school, it won't be long before I'm making things for my shop again! I can hardly wait!

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