Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Caek!!! And Lolita Luggage

Felt cake slice with cream, chocolate, and fruit toppings

I surprised myself with a burst of energy last night and this morning, resulting in this (finally completed) sweet slice of fake cake. Click on the picture to see more photos of it in my Etsy store!

I've also started packing for our London trip after borrowing a suitcase from my cousin, who borrowed it from our aunt. It's navy blue with a giant plaid-wearing teddy bear on it. Very old-school England. :P

Anyway, it feels as if I've finished packing, because the case is full, but I still need to fit shoes in there somehow. It's not my fault, though -- I may not fold everything perfectly (neater folds = sharper creases that need to be properly ironed out, I say), but at least it all MAKES SENSE in there. Probably. I like to think I have a knack for packing.

No, the culprit is the outfits. Specifically 7 poofy, frilly lolita dresses and the underclothes/socks/headgear that necessarily go with them. Thaaat's right. So what if Londoners think I'm some kind of crazy Asian tourist? I'm doing at least 7 of our 9 days in lolita!

Of course it's all well and good if I don't care about looking silly, but it's not going to work out unless I figure out how to fit the shoes in. And my handbags. And the parasol(s). Raccoon's luggage is full, too, so he's no help.

How do other lolitas "travel light" while staying true to the style?

*And I'm only classical/casual -- how do over-the-top, cupcake-poof sweet lolitas manage?

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