Monday, August 29, 2011

I'm Back!

Me at Buckingham Palace!

Well, I'm back from London after what felt like months but was just under two weeks. I never knew time could feel slow and drawn out even when you're happy.

I suppose it's because we had so much to see and so much walking to do in so little time. Also, while my sleeping/waking hours are pretty messed up, I somehow adapted immediately to London time upon arrival.

Every day I'd wake up around 6 am despite being barely able to get up at 1 pm at home. Raccoon and I would then leave the hotel at 7 or so, and be thoroughly occupied until we collapse 14 to 16 hours later. Reading about each object in London's magnificent museums. Running down each lane in London's enormous parks. Visiting as many abbeys, castles, and old shops as possible.

At the Museum of Natural History

So although I was exhausted the entire trip and sick as soon as we returned, it has been a valuable experience overall, and no less wonderful as the other vacations I've gone on and returned from
fully recharged.

I did feel inspired enough to sew a little felt bear mascot for my cousin in just two sittings, though. (She left a week after I got back, having stayed for the past two months.) I'll post some pictures as soon as I get them from her camera.

P.S. London is truly a big city (even if I got to see the beautiful English countryside as well) -- something I am apparently not used to at all. The busiest parts of downtown Vancouver feel laid-back and half-deserted compared to London!

Before heading up to Beatrix Potter's house

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