Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Tiny Bear


Here is the little brown bear I made for my cousin A. You can tell how quickly I finished and photographed it by the number of cat hairs on its face...

I had offered to make A. something, and "a normal-looking brown bear with a strawberry on top, like the plush bunny you made [for Etsy]" was her request.

Ostensibly it was because she really liked the giant brown bear I got from dear Raccoon, but I'm guessing it's also because, when all three of my younger cousins visited years ago,
I made a tiny bear for, and only for, her brother J. (What can I say? He's my favourite).

She did mention several times that he has kept his bear to this day.

It makes me feel all warm inside to know that, even if I've only sold one item on Etsy so far, there's at least one person (hopefully two now) in the world who is treasuring something I made.

The bunny I made for Raccoon hopes she's appreciated, too

So I'll try to ignore the fact that there are many, many more things I've made for family and friends without receiving a "Thanks" or even "I got it". Such as this big plush strawberry:

Give it back if you don't like it! I actually really want it!

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