Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Apples and Ghosts for Thanksgiving

This little rosebud kitty has been sold! I'm so happy for both of us (lol) -- I hope the new owner likes her!

I have also added a super tiny miniature ghost plush to my store:

He is 3rd and last in my "Hallowe'en Tinies" series! I managed to make the ghost even tinier than the Jack-o-lantern pumpkin and black cat, though it's hard to tell from the photographs... I have small hands and skinny fingers.

The first prototype for the ghostie didn't turn out very well, but it took me quite a while to finally toss it out and start over. I'm glad I did, even if it did take... a month and a half... because this little stuffed ghost is pretty neat (if I may say so myself). Still, it was really hard scrapping his less-than-ideal brother after spending all that time and eye-strain.

I wonder if other crafters have less trouble tossing out failed projects. They are all your children (or at least, creations) after all!

Asides from that, I spent the weekend neglecting my shop. As planned, I visited TWO apple farms in a row with B. and Raccoon. The other two R.s were busy and/or sick, so we had a lovely time without them. :P

We got plenty more apples, a few pears, and even an early pumpkin!

We then met up again and spent a whole day baking apple pie, watching the hockey game, and otherwise making the most of the (Canadian) Thanksgiving long weekend.

Here I am hard at work!

I totally helped by assigning all the duties. Raccoon was in charge of apple-washing, peeling, and clean-up, while B. handled the slicing and cider-mixing duties. Through team effort and a HUGE new restaurant-sized container of cinnamon (sooo cheap...), we managed to make a delicious if unusually brown apple pie that went perfectly with French vanilla ice cream.

Dessert (for lunch) was a frozen caramel apple with sparkling apple cider -- farm-milled cider mixed with San Pellegrino -- on the side.

All in all a delicious weekend.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, US Columbus Day, and Taiwanese National Day!

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