Sunday, October 16, 2011

Progress Report: Furry Bunny et al.

Bunny in progress! It is extremely taxing to hand-sew through such thick (faux) fur. But the result is just so cuddly!

You can also see the autumn doll smiling in the bottom left corner... especially now that I've given her new red lips. I thought the original neutral lipcolour was prettier, but the red goes a lot better with her outfit. And maybe the season, too.

I've never tried red lipstick myself, but have been meaning to!

This is the cinnamon banana loaf I baked for brunch. I'm now trying to finish several projects at once.

The (very Myspace-y) photo above was taken last night, when I wasn't feeling at all well -- sorry for the lack of a smile -- but it shows all 4 projects I plan to finish tonight!

1) Blue teddy bear -- 90% complete (all parts have been sewn, just not put together)
2) Pink bow headband -- 85% complete
3) Furry white bunny -- 60% complete
4) Autumn-themed doll -- 50% complete

Wish me luck!

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