Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Items: Geek Girl Art Doll & Mint Cupcake Ring

Mint x white cupcake ring!

I haven't made anything lolita-appropriate in a while, so this deco cupcake ring is a nice addition to the shop. I think I need to photograph it on someone else's hand, however... The size of mine makes the already-large cupcake look ridiculous.

In another bout of productivity, I've actually listed two items today. It's okay -- it counted as two days thanks to differing time zones, so I did manage to space the listings out a bit (as everyone advises).

The second is a miniature art doll I made for an Otherlings team challenge. For August, it was "big-eyed nerd":

As you can see, she's standing my laptop while holding her own little laptop.

This photo turned out alright, though it doesn't show much detail. Sadly, the others were pretty lousy:

Sunset isn't the best time to take macro shots, I guess.

Still, you can more or less see all the silly little details I put into her outfit, from the high-top sneakers with the "star" logo (ahem) to the bitten apples (cough cough) on her shirt and laptop. I hope someone takes this tiny girl-geek home soon!

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