Saturday, June 18, 2011

Date Night and a Date Movie

My dear Raccoon whisked me away to see "Midnight in Paris" today, more on a whim than anything. Neither of us liked romantic comedies, so I was surprised when he insisted, especially when I found out that the only theatre showing it in Vancouver was in Chinatown... generally a seedy area in most cities.

In the three hours we spent in the building, we saw one man argue with McDonald's staff before fleeing on his scooter (wheelchair, not skateboard) with unpaid-for food, and another man light a crack pipe and smoke it indoors as we passed each other.

I really enjoyed the movie, though. I had gone in with preconceived notions about "Woody Allen humour" ("Scoop" being foremost in mind) but the movie was really funny. A little predictable, a little unrealistic (in terms of human interaction), but sweet.

Raccoon liked it, too, though he admitted he had never heard of half of the literary icons.

He doesn't like to walk in the rain, either.

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