Friday, June 10, 2011

Hand-Mind Co-ordination

Denim flower hair elastic

Spent a lovely day watching The Ricky Gervais Show with Raccoon while sewing a huge strawberry plush for my now two-year-old niece. Just need to pop the leaves on now.

I made the above flower last night after finally getting away from the computer... and sitting down in front of the TV, with a movie on. At least it turned out quite nicely, even if the pale blue tulle petals disappeared into the white background. I'm starting to think I'm one of the few 20-somethings around who are not into photography at all.

The corsage also balances out my Etsy shop a bit, because the offerings were getting too cutesy. For some reason, there's always a gap between what I like and what I produce. I have a pretty distinct style/taste and am fairly good with my hands, so I don't know why my brain likes this stuff and my hands make, for example, this.

In the same way, I'd read Dickens or Gaiman all day, and write, well, possibly the most uneventful short stories ever. And let's not even get into the Mozart and Ravel I love vs. the tuneless wailing that comes out of my mouth...

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