Monday, June 13, 2011

Time Drain

Sax x pink clay cupcake necklace

The next post will start with a non-craft-related photo, I promise.

Etsy is really eating up a lot of my time, even though -- or precisely because -- it's just a hobby and not my day job. If you procrastinate, too, you may have the same problem. That is, I always find myself working hard at whatever is second on the to-do list.

Back in university, I always avoided writing papers until the day before they were due (or even later...). If I tried to sit down and write a paper ahead of time, I always ended up doing a month's worth of laundry, or tackling a piece of freelance work, or anything else (1) that would've been top priority until then and (2) that I'd been consistently putting off until then.

So for the past two days, I've been hand-sewing a little felt camel instead of working on my entry for a short story contest closing in one week.

It (the camel, not the story) is turning out quite well. It will have the tiniest stitches ever, with lovely chains of beads and floral fabric all over, inspired by old Persian fairytales.

At least it's productive escapism.

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