Tuesday, September 6, 2011

There and Back Again

I'm back from my first roadtrip with friends!

It was so much fun I wish I'll never get back to a regular desk job (though it might not be as much fun for my bank account...), so that I can take off whenever I please. Unlike three of the guys who couldn't make it after all.

Shoulder bag handmade by a local artist!

The four of us set off early Saturday morning on a long, eventually scenic drive to Hope.

The first stop was at a riverside fruit stand, where B. picked up some strawberries. Half an hour later, Raccoon, our driver for most of the trip, stopped in Agassiz for some Canadian hazelnuts.

The owner suggested that we take some pictures under the trees, and we walked into her farm to find
the most magical place in the world. A small corner of it is captured in the first photo above.

We reached Coquihalla Provincial/Regional Park (actually two joined parks I couldn't tell apart) about 2.5 hours later.

The hiking was fairly light, but we got a nice long walk through five of the nine tunnels -- the last few were closed due to a recent landslide. All are connected by the remains of a railway from the early days of Canadian history.

It was refreshingly cool and pitch black in every tunnel. We had to rely on camera flashes and cellphone flashlights (apparently there's an app for that) to get through.

Each stretch in between was shrouded by mountains and edged in an emerald-coloured river.

Group shot on the quadricycle

Having filled our cameras with scenery and tourist-y poses, we headed to Harrison for more sightseeing... in a pedal-cart!

It's actually a lot more difficult to move the cart with four people than with two... I guess the weight of the cart doesn't increase in the proper ratio. It's a good workout for your butt and thighs, anyway, and the most amusing mode of transportation ever. Well worth the $40 per hour (a mere $10/person).

Over all, this has been an awesome trip! The only thing that would've made it better would be if we had gone the whole way there and back in a pedal cart.

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