Sunday, September 11, 2011

Boo for a Smile -- Hallowe'en Treasury

Since I joined Etsy in May, I've only been making one Etsy treasury per month (except August).

There's so much work involved in making one, plus I always feel bad when listings disappear, and I have to either find a replacement for the slot or leave the treasury incomplete...

With complaints out of the way, here is the one for September:

Aren't they all just deliciously creepy together? I can barely look at the top right and bottom left corners myself.

On an unrelated note, I got four metres of blue satin today for my Hallowe'en costume. I was going to start working on it overnight, but I've accidentally left all my sewing supplies in a bag at Raccoon's house (I hope). Guess it'll have to wait 'til Monday! I'm not just procrastinating!

Oh, and the aforementioned second Hallowe'en item will be listed tomorrow. If I wake up before the sun sets. ;]

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