Monday, September 26, 2011

Slight Crafting Blues

Something is making me a little sad. That little something can be see in this progress photo.

I use too much blue.

Granted, the elephant I started working on today is more mint green in proper lighting, but pale blue and mint aren't really that different. Even this quick snap of my workspace shows how obsessive I am with my favourite two colours...

Optical mouse: blue. Wrist rest: blue and white. Desk: white. Brand logo: white and blue. Laptop (just out of sight): white and blue. That little polkadotted thing in the very bottom left corner? It's another work in progress -- also white x blue.

And don't even remind me what colour this blog is.

My Etsy shop is starting to head down the same path, which isn't supposed to happen because I use a lot of "upcycled" fabrics. Every time I go to the fabric store I come home with a few more metres of something blue or white, but when I dig through my to-be-donated bin for old clothes, I expect colours I don't wear!

Maybe I need to start raiding the closets of everyone I know for COLOUR!

On an unrelated note, I finally got the chance to make a "daisy" chain with red clover blossoms this past weekend!

I love clover!

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