Wednesday, September 14, 2011

More of Hallowe'en!

As promised, here is the miniature companion for the Jack-o-lantern: a tiny black kitty!

My right wrist was "crackly" all last night. Temperatures have dropped suddenly since Monday, after a sweltering week or two of extended summer. While I really love Canadian autumns, the cold air no longer loves my fingers and wrists.

I might need to start looking into those wrist protectors everyone working at a fabric store seems to wear...

HOWEVER, thanks to the discomfort, I put off the headphone padding I was sewing for Raccoon and went off to read. And reading always puts me in a more creative mood, so I ended up making this:

Before Raccoon came by this morning, I wedged the head under the watch he accidentally left at my house the day before. It really freaked him out! :]

'm not sure if I'll make a whole body or just incorporate the head into another project, but I think he (the head) is looking smashing so far!

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