Friday, September 2, 2011


I took some new photos of my tiny geek girl today around 3 or 4 pm. Same angles, same windowsill, same point-and-shoot digital camera, but the pictures are MUCH nicer than the previous set. Lesson learnt!

Also, it feels like I've just gotten back from London -- it hasn't even been two weeks -- but I'm going on a road trip!

I made plans with the guys to drive down (or up? I have no sense of direction) to Hope for the upcoming Labour Day weekend. R. can't make it, and those who usually drop out have dropped out (haha), so it'll just be me and three of the guys. At least we'll have an empty seat for backpacks and tripods. I've added Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park to the itinerary, so we can see the beautiful Othello Tunnels.

Raccoon took me to Hope and Hell's Gate for our first anniversary [insert joke here], but we didn't have time to hike up to the tunnels then. It's been exactly three years, but we're finally going back!

But what does this really mean? (ie. Why am I writing about a little weekend trip?)

It means I need to finish writing down everything about London before a new trip overwrites the memories in my brain. Space is limited.

I just noticed that my dress was blending into the Buckingham Palace gates

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